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Blog // Connect South Carolina

$30M Grant Funds Available for Broadband Apps and Innovations

By Amanda Murphy

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Public Safety Communications Research Division (PSCR) recently announced a $30 million grant opportunity toward innovative digital tools for first responders and FirstNet’s national public safety communications network.  "The idea behind this is that we want to help public safety [professionals] envision what the future looks like for them. Not two years or three years from now — but what does 10 years or 15 years look like for you?" said PSCR Director Dereck Orr in an interview with FirstNet. "We want to pull that future vision forward in the timeline by thoughtfully...

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Location, Location, Location: Enhancing Public Safety with GIS

By Jennifer Cobb

February is Public Safety Month at Connected Nation. In addition to objectives of expanding broadband and technology awareness and adoption throughout local communities, CN is also working to highlight the use of GIS in various public safety agencies. Location is everything during an emergency; GIS provides the functionality to collect and manage large databases while in a fast-paced decision-making environment. GIS analysis and maps are used for everything from developing the public safety network to tracking criminal activity or emergency response routes. With the increases in technological capabilities, more and more agencies are being...

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Mobile Data Access & Adoption among South Carolina’s Firefighters

By Jennifer Cobb

A mobile data device is a common feature in public safety vehicles across the country, especially in metropolitan areas, allowing communication from a police car, ambulance, or fire truck to a central dispatch office. This device also provides pertinent mapping and safety information. In South Carolina’s public safety sector, and specifically with firefighters, the adoption of mobile data, laptops, and computers is becoming widespread as the benefits mean quicker reporting and submission. In cities like Columbia, most fire trucks are equipped with mobile data devices because of the availability of broadband. “In the past, fire departments...

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Connected Nation Kicks Off Public Safety Month

By Connected Nation

Connected Nation is committing to improve communities through greater broadband adoption, access, and use. This February, we’re kicking-off our Public Safety Month to highlight the ways in which broadband is supporting police departments, hospitals, and fire departments as they protect our families and save lives. We’re looking forward to highlighting how high-speed Internet is helping promote better public safety, but we need your help today.  Share your story about how the Internet, mobile broadband, or other technology helped you in an emergency situation. Our organization plays a key role in providing first responders and...

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