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USDA Grants Awarded to South Carolina Projects

By CSC Staff

Today, the US Department of Agriculture announced recipients of the latest Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grants.  Grants were awarded to 75 projects in 31 states including South Carolina.  The goal of the grant is to expand distance learning and telemedicine opportunities in rural areas.  "Rural communities often lack access to specialized medical care or advanced educational opportunities necessary for stronger rural economies," Vilsack said, noting that today is National Rural Health Day. "These grants will help increase access to health care and many other essential services. The following South Carolina projects...

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Libraries Connecting Communities Through Technology

By Eric Frederick

A study conducted by the American Library Association (ALA) shows that 90% of libraries now support online books, magazines, and other resources, raising the question that many booksellers have had to face as well: is a brick-and-mortar location still necessary? E-books do not require sorting, maintenance, or staff and, at first glance, it may seem that e-books are eclipsing the need for physical libraries, just as e-books are eroding physical book sales. However, unlike most bookstores, libraries are a fixture of the community. With learning programs for children, homework help, career development, Wi-Fi access, health and wellness classes...

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