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Holiday Shopping: Online vs. In-Store

By CSC Staff

Traditionally, this Friday marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Many  stores will be full with frantic shoppers darting in every direction, hunting for the best gifts and the best deals for each of their loved ones. For those who either do not have time, or dread the drama of holiday shopping, there is a growing in popular alternative.

Like anything else that can now be done online, it doesn’t come as a surprise that, rather than spending their weekends searching for parking spots and waiting in long lines that wrap around stores at the mall, more shoppers are sitting at home or at work on their computers, smartphones, and tablets, relaxing, and checking items off of their lists. While nearly every store today has websites available for customers to browse items and make purchases online, there are now dozens of smartphone and tablet applications that make holiday shopping a breeze. QR codes, digital coupons and personalized websites are just a few of the tech tools for the trendy shopper.

In addition to convenience, online and mobile shopping has attracted many of those people who shop on a budget. As saving money is a top priority for most holiday shoppers, having the ability to compare prices between two competing stores just by pressing a few keys has become a major perk of shopping on the web.

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