Broadband Summit

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IT-oLogy Theater at 1301 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC 29201

Join us as we explore the latest developments in hardware, software, infrastructure, processes and design across a variety of industries from art to health to manufacturing.

Presenters include:

Tom Ferree, Connected Nation's president, who provides vision and leadership for all aspects of Connected Nation operations including policy research, community engagement, and digital literacy efforts. Under his leadership, the Connected Nation portfolio has expanded to include 30 states and thousands of communities and is now recognized as the national leader in broadband mapping. Connect South Carolina is a state program of Connected Nation, and Tom's presentation will explore Connected Nation's commitment to providing extensive broadband planning services for communities and states, with special regard to the state of South Carolina. These services include digital literacy, research and analysis, policy consultation, and mapping.

Dr. Jerry Tessendorf is a professor in the Division of Visual Computing within the School of Computing at Clemson University. Dr. Tessendorf's highly influential career in the visual effects industry was recognized in 2008 by an Academy Award for technical achievement in honor of his development of custom fluid dynamics tools. He is widely acknowledged throughout the computer graphics industry as the one who taught the industry how to efficiently simulate and render highly realistic ocean surfaces through lectures presented at the SIGGRAPH Annual Conference from 1999 to 2004.
Description: Garima.jpg Garima Prasai, chief evangelist for the IBM Watson Group, will share the vision of the group helping to commercialize IBM Watson Solutions. Garima joined IBM in June 2013 and has been involved in the launch efforts of Watson's first commercial product offering, Watson Engagement Advisor, and in market development and sales. As a key member of the core strategy group that productized the Watson Ecosystem, Garima helped build the Ecosystem business model while owning client relationships as partner engagement manager.

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